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Første til at opnå EN17272!

We did it.
Our DMD4000 is the first Autonomous robot in the world to achieving the European EN17272 standard for room disinfection.
The robot just returned after the exams at the laboratory with a great A+ grade in defeating pathogens at all possible surfaces in a room. 
All the pathogens were according to the standard placed in the opposite direction of the robot and in every corner of the room, to proof the full 100% coverage.
DMD4000 was celebrated by the team in Autonomous Units as first collaborative robot in the world to comply with EN17272, however it could not stay and celebrate for long as it had to go out on an important job to keep senior citizens safe. Now the graduated robot is more than ready to help hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and all other sectors in autonomous infection prevention and control (AIP&C)

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