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Vi er nomineret til EY Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year 2022

Vi er nomineret til: EY Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year 2022

Vi er blevet #Nomineret til EY Start-Up Entrepreneur of the year 2022.

Den første af sin slags

Vores rejse har været kort, men alligevel har vi fuldført en hel del. For ikke så lang tid siden annoncerede vi DMD4000’eren og dens velkendte teknologi. Den er rum-certificeret og er den første af sin slags. Den bliver hele tiden videreudviklet for at give den et større potentiale, men også gøre brug af den i andre potentielle projekter.

Exceptionel desinfektionsevne

  • Evidensbaseret desinfektion

  • 99,9999% af alle patogener bliver udryddet med H2O2

  • Den er autonom og regelmæssig

  • Den første af sin slags

  • Dansk innovation

Hvad går der i vente

Vi har også nye og innovative ideer i vente, så hvis du gerne vil følge med os på den rejse, skal du bare holde øje.

Endnu en gang, mange tak til EY og Danske Bank for nomineringen i: EY Entrepreneur of the year 2022 i kategorien Startup/Scaleup.

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Martin Mikkel

Martin og Mikkel joiner holdet

Did you know that we are expanding our team?🤔

Please welcome our newest colleagues to the office; Martin Oranen, and Mikkel Hvass Pedersen studies automation technology at UCL Erhvervsakademi og Professionshøjskole, and will assist us in the continues development of our disinfection robot. 😁🦾

We are quite excited to have you aboard our journey, and will be looking forward to sharing it with you.🙌
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christoffer lilleholt

Møde med Christoffer Lilleholt

Increasing shortage in our workforce – can you relate?🤔💡

One of the recent topics, which is often spoken about are the shortage in our workforce despite a booming economy.🚀

Today we had the pleasure of the Councilor for Employment, and Social Affairs Administration in Odense, Christoffer Lilleholt. 😀

Besides an introduction to our company, we had an interesting talk of how Odense Kommune have automated several routine tasks, and promoted the change of processes with robotics. 🦾

The first step towards change is indisputable awareness, and recognition of the challenges – the yet unused potential for collaborative robots remains massive.

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DMD4000 desinficere for Julemanden

Have you got any sick elves around your workshop? 😷

While some elves might be sick, others are not. That is the case at Santa’s Workshop, which is why we bought DMD4000 a ticket to the North Pole. ❄🎅

The fear of a disease spreading in the workshop can have a direct impact the elves efficiency – which is absolutely crucial during the Christmas sprint. 🧝‍♂️🎄🎁

Especially during this cold season, where temperatures reach about minus 12 degrees Celsius in the North Pole, raising purity levels can have a preventive effect against other diseases, and viruses like colds.🤧

Follow MiRRY Christmas Chronicles at Mobile Industrial Robots A/S to see, if they make it on time. 🦾☃

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Juletræ Robotterne

From today you can experience the self-propelled Christmas tree in Rosengårdcentret. The
robot will wish you a Merry Christmas and send a kindly reminder about using hand sanitizer. A kind of “nudging”!

You can also try to sing the song written on the Christmas tree 😊

Rosengårdcentret has implemented probably one of Denmark’s (perhaps the world ??) most
advanced and beautiful dispensers to remind people to disinfect their hands. It is a fun and value creating combination of nudging and modern technology.

Autonomouns Units has been responsible for the implementation of the robot. We think it’s ingenious 😉 Good job Flemming Kjær Thinggaard and Søren Krone

Big thanks to Rosengårdcentret. Morten Blomstrøm , Casper Bach Andersen and Anne Hedelund.

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Willich Partnerskab

Partnerskab med Willich Elektrotechnik

“Willich – Will ich” – was the talk of the day at the Autonomous Units ApS HQ.
Yesterday Madeleine Willich and our CEO Karsten Thinggaard signed a partnership contract confirming a mutual ambition to safe lives and prevent lock downs by autonomous disinfection solutions.
We are very proud to have teamed up with such a respected company and a great group of people at Willich Elektrotechnik GmbH.

The entire Autonomous Units ApS team under the leadership of Flemming Kjær Thinggaard and Søren Johannes Bjerre have done an outstanding job the last couple of weeks to get us to this point.

Also, thanks to our partners at Mobile Industrial Robots A/S for the support on our journey

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Møde med OUH

Møde med OUH

We had the pleasure of meeting with Søren Udby and Esben Hansen from Odense University Hospital’s CCR – Centre for Clinical Robotics – Center for Clinical Robotics, who visited our office to discuss opportunities for future collaboration projects between AU and CCR.

It is great to bring focus on this interesting- and innovative technology to hospitals.

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AU alpha test partner

AU bliver MIR alpha test partner

Autonomous Units are pleased to have such a close, and valuable collaboration with Mobile Industrial Robots A/S

As an acknowledgement of our close partnership, we are happy stepping up as alpha test partner.  

We are sure that it will secure the progression and development of our collaboration for the future, and we will look forward to the journey.  
We thank you for the trust in our company.