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Juletræ Robotterne

From today you can experience the self-propelled Christmas tree in Rosengårdcentret. The
robot will wish you a Merry Christmas and send a kindly reminder about using hand sanitizer. A kind of “nudging”!

You can also try to sing the song written on the Christmas tree 😊

Rosengårdcentret has implemented probably one of Denmark’s (perhaps the world ??) most
advanced and beautiful dispensers to remind people to disinfect their hands. It is a fun and value creating combination of nudging and modern technology.

Autonomouns Units has been responsible for the implementation of the robot. We think it’s ingenious 😉 Good job Flemming Kjær Thinggaard and Søren Krone

Big thanks to Rosengårdcentret. Morten Blomstrøm , Casper Bach Andersen and Anne Hedelund.

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